Cardio and Vascular – Different Cardiovascular Diseases


Cardio and vascular

Cardio and vascular

These days there are a lot of people suffering from various illnesses and few are only able to cope up with it or even win over these diseases because they either have more than enough money to provide for a better health care. Those who had not even got the chance to get a better health care may neither have money or that there is lacking in providing the best health care possible. Technology has taken its power to the medical part of the world, helping people become more healthy by advancing cardio and vascular treatments with the use of high definition imaging modalities and the like. This way doctors are able to point out clearly their diagnosis they are going to give to their patients.

The cardio and vascular diseases are illnesses that are associated with heart disease. There are different cases with heart diseases and reasons for its existence on the individual depends on the lifestyle they had. The common reason for heart diseases is it is genetic and families who have ancestors with records of dying from heart diseases are likely to pass it on the next generations.

· The symptoms for cardio and vascular diseases vary from one person to another. The kind of heart disease a patient will have may be different from another patient who has been diagnosed with heart disease as well. The cause of heart diseases is that the blood vessels becomes stiff in which it prevents any part of the body to receive blood like the heart or the brain.

Directors message

Directors message

·Common symptoms of heart diseases are chest pains, easily runs out of breath or pain felt on the arms or legs. Sometimes the patient may feel weak or cold in those parts as well. The doctor will not diagnose the patient if such symptoms occur. This is only diagnosed when the symptoms have grown worse and that the patient have initial heart attacks.

· Abnormal heartbeats is yet another symptom of heart diseases. It is called an arrhythmia wherein the heart beats abnormally. Other symptoms include chest pain, easily runs out of breath, racing heartbeat or slow heartbeat, flutter feeling in the chest, light headedness, fainting or nearly fainting and dizziness.

· Heart defects are serious ones and are commonly inherited. They are already obvious to doctors by the time an infant is born. The symptoms include cyanosis or blue color of the skin, swelling in areas surrounding the eyes, abdomen or legs and runs out of breath easily at feeding hours which leads to abnormal weight. For those that are diagnosed at a later time, the symptoms are swelling in feet, ankles or hands, fluid buildup in the lungs or heart, and  gets tired easily in any activity or exercise.

Cardio and vascular diseases are considered as one of the deadliest diseases that are attacking mankind today. There is a huge risk when one is diagnosed with this disease that is why it is recommended that an individual has a regular check up with their doctors.

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